kindle paperwhite folioMonica Vogelmann Carrascoso, come on down! (As Monty Hall used to say on Let’s Make a Deal.) Monica is the grand prize winner of the 2015 Kindle Paperwhite eReader with WiFi and mosaic leather cover. She was drawn at random from my vast legion of readers (God, do I love saying “vast legion”; thank you, O legionnaires!) for the grand prize awarded in honor of today’s official launch of my new thriller THE FURY, available in trade paperback print, eBook, and audiobook. Thanks for being a great reader, Monica, and drop me a private message on Facebook or write me direct at so I can get your mailing address. In the following months, I will announce winners for THE FURY T-shirts and other book bling, as I’d wanted to do last week but, tragically, wound up burying my adoring wife of 40 years instead. (But that’s for another posting; this one is to celebrate Monica and bling!) To you all, thanks so much for reading THE FURY–and all my backlist books, which are now available as eBooks and, soon, in trade paperback print. I hope to see you at tonight’s book show at Anderson’s Bookshop in downtown Naperville, IL. There will be snax and bling as well as Your Humble Correspondent, Me.

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