“ ‘The Fury’ hits the ground running and does not let you go. Get yourself a soda, make a big bowl of popcorn, and settle in, as this book is going to have you reading just as fast as you can trying to keep up with what happens next . . .” From the review in Vic’s Media Room

Huzzah! Today, I made the fourth stop on my lengthy book-blog tour for THE FURY, beginning with my choices of best books in the Global War on Terrorism (for BookBub), and ending with stellar reviews from three other bloggers. Check ’em out by clicking the links below. My deepest thanks to the reviewers  for dissecting THE FURY fair and square, laying out their pros and cons . . . and concluding my book is a thundering winner. Phew! Onward to the next blogs, with links as soon as I make the stops. 

 Author guest post: 13 Hair-raising Books on the Global War on Terrorism
Books that Hook
Vic’s Media Room

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