Books by Shane Gericke

The Fury

The Deepwater Horizon oil-rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico washes a cache of Cold War doomsday weapons onto a Mexican beach: bombs filled with VX nerve gas mixed with anthrax, invented by the Nazis during World War II and perfected by the United States to use against Russia during the Cold War.

Blown Away

First in the Detective Emily Thompson trilogy

Emily Thompson, who’s finally pulled herself out of the emotional mud suffocating her since the unexplained deaths of her husband, mother, and father, is finally looking forward to celebrating her upcoming milestone birthday. A serial killer has other plans.

Cut to the Bone

Second in the Detective Emily Thompson trilogy

The hard-charging police detective barely escaped with her life in Blown Away. Now, she’s fallen in love with Martin Benedetti, chief of detectives for the county sheriff, and together, they’re building a home in the Chicago suburb of Naperville where she lives and works. Life is good as she slowly recovers from her injuries . . .

Torn Apart

Third in the Detective Emily Thompson trilogy

A four-pack of spree killers calling themselves the Zodiacs picks up a shipment of narcotics from Black River Falls, Wisconsin, with the intention of hauling it to the Chicago suburbs for distribution. On the way, they shoot cops, strangle women, kidnap girls for sex slavery, and machine gun a deer, just for the fun of it.