Gunter Kaesdorf“Bestselling author Shane Gericke has created another explosive thriller for his legion of fans . . .”

Novelist Gunter Kaesdorf’s writing talent shines bright in his new book Buried Truth, which makes his sparkling review of my work in his blog today even sweeter. Please enjoy, with a tip o’ the cap to Mr. K:

Bestselling author Shane Gericke has created another explosive thriller for his legion of fans. The Fury is set in real-time Chicago, Nogales, Arizona, Washington, D.C., and Mexico, and historically in World War II-era Germany, Japan, and Manchuria. It is ambitious in scope and relentless in its hang-on-to your-armchair quality. Superstition “Sue” Davis, a vice-squad undercover officer with the Chicago Police, heads down to Nogales, Arizona to bring her own brand of high-kicking justice to Mexican drug cartel leader Jimmy Garcia for killing her husband, undercover special ops agent Derek Davis, in a desert shootout. 

Far from being a vanilla Mexican drug kingpin, the ever-vigilant and opportunistic Garcia has a secret concerning a cache of bombs that went awry during World War II and has been sitting ever since off Mexico’s Gulf Coast. The cache is old and rusty, dead in the water, yet still carries a payload capable of inflicting unthinkable suffering and death to millions. It is now in the hands of Garcia, and with it, he possesses the ability to avenge the death of his family by the gringos from the north many times over.

Having received permission from U.S. authorities to assume a key role in apprehending and killing Garcia, Superstition’s trip to Mexico becomes a race to reach the narco at his mountain hideout before it’s too late.

In The Fury, Gericke brings an assertive style to plot development, as he rapidly shifts scenes and points of view. He head-hops among his protagonists and antagonists with impunity, tugging the reader along on a wild ride. With uncanny ease, he then manages to slow the frenetic pace to a crawl, allowing his readers a few moments to breathe as he delves into the mindsets of his characters, sharing their thoughts, and injecting a certain sardonic wit with clever expressions that lighten a story otherwise pockmarked with a number of dark and grizzly scenes. 

Shane excels in the plot line’s necessary flashbacks, showcasing his acquired knowledge of the details surrounding particular persons, places, and events of World War II. He has clearly done his research.

The Fury is not for the squeamish, nor is it for those who deny the atrocities committed against humankind by callous and immoral leaders. Broad in scope and memorable in its style, Gericke’s book is a great read for anyone who loves to be thrilled on every page. It humanizes the tough-minded and resilient Superstition, an enigma in her own right, a woman thrust into immense danger and yet somehow able to remain true to herself and her ideals.  She follows her own path, keeping us firmly planted on the edge of our seats to the very end. Then and only then, do we sit back and try to imagine “what if”?”

Reviewed on “Gunter’s Blog” by Gunter Kaesdorf, author of the thriller novel Buried Truth.


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