The Fury Cover

Pow! Bang! Wow! The Covers!

Covers are the first thing a reader sees when considering the purchase or reading of a book. It’s critical to get the covers just right, because that quarter-second glance at the typography, art, style, and blurbs spells the difference between “Wow!” and “Yawn!” Which is why I’m so fortunate to have a sensational cover on each of my four […]

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Tina Fey shows off her typing skills. Typing is one of the talents I share with Tina. The others are . . . well, nothing. But hey, if you expected High Literature, you should be over on Shakespeare's website, not mine.

Welcome to Shaneville

Welcome to Shaneville, the digital home of Shane Gericke Books. I’m Shane Gericke, your friendly author and proprietor. Come on in and sit a spell; the coffee is free, albeit digital, and the conversation brisk and lively. Then, when you’re ready, start wandering: I’ve got lots of rooms for you to explore, from Books to Bio […]

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