Tina Fey shows off her typing skills. Typing is one of the talents I share with Tina. The others are . . . well, nothing. But hey, if you expected High Literature, you should be over on Shakespeare's website, not mine.

Actress Tina Fey shows off her typing skills in a photo I shamelessly borrowed from the Internet, because, Homage. All right, that’s a lie: I put it here cause I knew it’d grab your attention more than ME in fishnets and stilettos. Aw, quit complaining; if you expected High Minded Literature, you’d be over at James Joyce’s website, not mine.

Welcome to Shaneville, the digital home of Shane Gericke Books. I’m Shane Gericke, your friendly author and proprietor. Come on in and sit a spell; the coffee is free, albeit digital, and the conversation brisk and lively. Then, when you’re ready, start wandering: I’ve got lots of rooms for you to explore, from Books to Bio to Blog to Try, Then Buy (excerpts and booksellers buying links) along with a fun Q&A with me, conducted by me, the only guy who would do it for free. (Why spend money on interviewers when I can buy T-shirts and e-readers to give away to beloved readers, am I right?) So, take a look around and see what you think. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line through the Contact link on my Home Page. And be sure to sign up for the freebie giveaways by leaving your name and e-mail address in the handy box on the Home Page, or the form on the right side of this page. I will conduct most of my drawings from that list, so take full advantage of the rare largesse of an otherwise cheap author and tell your friends to sign up, too. I will use the list only for prize drawings and the occasional newsletter or special-event reminder–your names will never be sold or used by anyone but me, I swear. Bonus for twisting your friends’ arms to sign up: If they win a custom T-shirt with THE FURY cover on the front and a photo of me on the back, for instance, you could steal it–I mean, uh, borrow–to wear to your next Big Event. Finally, on your way out of Shane Gericke Books, please take a moment to thank Tina for classing up the joint. She knew you were coming and so volunteered to stay up all night polishing her typewriter, which I appreciate and suspect you do, too.

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